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The new normal and how to achieve work-life balance

Adsquare's work-life balance

Adsquare’s take on achieving Work-Life Balance

23 September 2022, Friday | By: Irene Bellodi
3 min read
work-life balance
Irene Adsquare Head of People

About Irene Bellodi

Irene is the Head of People at Adsquare. Originally from Italy, Irene has landed in Germany 8 years ago, first in quiet Bavaria and since 2022 in crazy Berlin.

When we first faced the reality of the pandemic, Adsquare’s leadership team quickly realised that work arrangements would have to change forever. We weren’t alone – dealing with the global health crisis forced many companies to reexamine how they schedule their employees’ time. Fortunately for us, being a company built on the cutting edge of data technology helped us to rethink how our people work. 

We shifted our focus from offering specific work solutions – a set schedule in the office, working from home, or a fixed hybrid agreement – to simply matching people’s needs with the needs of the business.

Adsquare decided to pursue a hybrid approach centered on offering our people the flexibility they need to live their best life outside work. In the process, we learned how to create solutions to balance professional and personal life.

Extreme flexibility fuelled with communication

During the pandemic, we had to be flexible. We found that when we did everything we could to meet the needs of our team members, they responded in kind by meeting the needs of the business. We had to get creative to make this new way of thinking work. One of the first things we learned was how important communication was to the process.

We began in-depth discussions with our management teams about the possibilities. We discovered that providing multiple opportunities to get together and learn from each other would be necessary. Yet, we also realized we could do more to leverage technology to achieve the needed flexibility through data-driven processes.

Remote officing or hybrid work-at-home with some time at the office was not entirely new at Adsquare, but we decided to change how we thought about these situations. Instead of trying to find one-size-fits-all solutions or implementing blanket policies company-wide, we took a different path.

Why not simply shift perspective away from implementation and focus on people? So we did, and it worked. It worked so well that we now consider it our new way of operating.

And when we talk about flexibility, we mean we will do everything possible to ensure our people are getting what they need from their work life to get the most out of their personal life. Having that amount of freedom ensures that a career with Adsquare doesn’t end up as an obstacle to a fulfilling life outside of work.

It wouldn’t be unusual for an Adsquare team member to work some days from a beach in Barcelona or while picking up kids from school. Everyone’s needs are different. We understand that what people need is the ability to structure life and career and not have them be at odds with each other.

Our “new normal” approach

Adsquare implements our work schedule philosophy by allowing managers as much independence as possible to work with their people directly and figure out how much or little time each employee needs to spend at the office based on job roles. 

By allowing our people to make these decisions individually, Adsquare has created a great company culture where people feel empowered both on and off the job. Our managers know Adsquare supports how they configure schedules. As a result, they have the freedom to determine which job roles need to be in the office and when. This approach allows decisions based on what will work best for the company and the employee.

A work schedule at Adsquare could be anything that works for both the employee and the company, and the decision on hours and locations will be mutual. So some people at Adsquare may:

  • Come into the office every day
  • Work remotely full-time
  • Show up at the office only when needed
  • Report for face-to-face meetings
  • Participate in morning one-on-ones and then take afternoon meetings remotely

Or any possible combination of the above. We do everything to ensure that Adsquare remains at the forefront of data-driven marketing, but not at the expense of what our team members need individually. We found that going to the extreme to make this new way of thinking work brings about a workplace where people feel free to achieve their maximum potential.

This solution aims to meet people’s needs for personal freedom and job satisfaction while they crush it at work. This approach also helps them enjoy a work-life balance while being part of an award-winning team of super achievers.

Offering our people freedom doesn’t mean we abandon them to make it on their own. On the contrary – we value getting together in groups as much as possible. We feed off each other and provide encouragement and guidance. We are learning to build extreme scheduling flexibility into our company processes for now and in the future.

If a culture built around flexibility, people’s needs, and high levels of business accomplishments appeals to you, consider a career at Adsquare.

Irene Adsquare Head of People

About Irene Bellodi

Irene is the Head of People at Adsquare. Originally from Italy, Irene has landed in Germany 8 years ago, first in quiet Bavaria and since 2022 in crazy Berlin.