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Discover how KAS, one of Spain’s iconic soft drinks, revitalised the bar scene with precision targeting. Partnering with OMD and Adsquare, KAS embarked on a journey to engage young bar-goers effectively. Learn how OMD tackled the challenge of pinpointing local bars frequented by the target audience and utilised Adsquare’s Audience Targeting solution to craft tailored segments based on Home & Work Locations. Dive into the seamless integration with DV360 and the impressive results achieved through innovative targeting strategies.

The Lab

Welcome to The Lab

Our dedicated resource to build expertise and best pratice in how movement and location data can drive brand performance.

Location is a rapidly evolving technology and new, exciting developments happen every day. We’re here to share these new developments, discuss how brands have used them and foster a learning environment that drives this dynamic marketing discipline forward.

Take a look around and always feel free to get in touch if you want more information or a consultation on how our technologies might apply to your brand challenge.

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