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Adsquare helps brands connect people and places in a privacy-first world. Our award-winning data & advertising solutions will supercharge your campaigns to amplify success.

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Location data played right.

As an award-winning location intelligence platform, we help to significantly improve campaign planning and activation, as well as campaign optimisation through footfall measurement and store visit attribution.

Stay at the forefront of privacy-first marketing with our ID-free targeting solution for omnichannel activation.
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Discover how the world’s leading agencies and brands are using our solutions.


We’re proud to offer a broad range of intelligent and customisable solutions to meet your marketing needs.

Audience Targeting

Combining data about people’s interests, demographics and where they’ve been allows you to build sophisticated audience profiles that deliver better performing campaigns.
Find out how our data can impact your Audience Targeting.
audience targeting online digital data campaign
proximity targeting spatial data audience based

Proximity Targeting

Advanced spatial data lets you reach your audience based on their current geographical context and deliver more relevant campaigns for them.
Discover the power of context with Proximity Targeting.

Footfall Measurement

Find out what’s working, how it’s working and optimise performance on the go. Learn how your Drive-To-Store campaign is driving Footfall.
Discover how knowledge is power with Footfall Measurement.
out of home ooh urban outdoor advertising uk

OOH Planning and Activation

Choose the specific OOH locations that are going to best reach your audience, automate your buying with programmatic activation and boost performance with digital retargeting solutions.
Learn more about Data Driven OOH Planning and Activation.

Award-winning Data Solutions

We’re proud to receive industry acknowledgement for our leading role in location data science and marketing. Learn more about what makes Our Technology special and how different building blocks are used to deliver results here.


The Drum Awards 2022

"Best Use of Digital
MMA award best location based services

MMA Smarties Award 2020

"Best Location-based Services in APAC"
Les-Cas-D-Or best location based digital campaign

Les Cas d'Or Du Digital 2020

"Best Location-based Campaign of the Year"
Customer awards best company response

Customer World Awards 2020

"Best company Response (to COVID-19) of the Year"

Introducing the Lab

Our dedicated resource to build expertise and best practice in how movement and locaiton data can drive brand performance.

subway audience targeting

Discover how Subway France grabbed a 47% lead on the competition through Audience Targeting.

ikea proximity targeting

Ikea Italy used Proximity Targeting and an always-on campaign to deliver a 100% uplift in store visits.

walmart shopper spike

Walmart Mexico tests emerging platform Waze and sees traffic spike of 48000 shoppers to stores.

cupra dooh campaign

Cupra Spain targets high-end car buyers with sophisticated DOOH campaign and boosts visits by 127%.

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