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Building the foundation for success: career growth and leadership trainings

Leadership training: How to build the foundation for success

16 January 2023, Monday | By: Irene Bellodi
8 min read
leadership training at Adsquare
Irene Adsquare Head of People

About Irene Bellodi

Irene is the Head of People at Adsquare. Originally from Italy, Irene has landed in Germany 8 years ago, first in quiet Bavaria and since 2022 in crazy Berlin.

Employees are considered an organisation’s most valuable assets. So for any organisation to be truly successful, its employees’ skills and capabilities must be cultivated, enhanced, and nurtured. Employee career growth and leadership training are two critical components that can contribute to an organisation’s own growth and development.

Improving an employee’s career prospects and training them in leadership skills can boost their confidence. It’s a stellar sign for employees that the organisation surely cares about their future development. This is known as employer branding. Employer branding is essential for companies looking to build a strong positive relationship with their employees and attract the best talent in the market.

To strengthen both the company and the people behind the brand, an organisation should support its employees’ career growth and leadership training with carefully implemented measures.

Career growth

Career growth refers to the development of an employee’s skills and knowledge so they can climb up the corporate ladder. But this can’t just be a one-man show; career growth needs to be supported by the organisation through a fair process with two main factors:


For 30% of workers, job satisfaction is mainly drawn from the growth opportunities unlocked at their workplace. But many employers don’t provide clear information on these opportunities. This could mean that some employees stagnate in their current positions and miss out on potential growth.

It’s up to the organisations to clearly define the paths made available to employees if they wish to advance in their careers. They can do this by developing a competency-based framework with a clear role progression and expectations for each level. Employees will then be able to judge where they stand and what career options are within reach.

Opportunity to discuss promotions

Promotions are a great way to reward employees for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty. With the possibility of growth, employees become naturally inclined to stay committed and engaged in the company. 

Promotions should be discussed and considered in a fair, transparent manner. Employees also have specific times during the year to discuss them during their performance reviews. In this way, promotion talks are based on a more comprehensive evaluation of their own proficiencies and skills.

Every employee should feel like they have equal opportunities to progress in their career. By ensuring that promotions are discussed openly, employers can create a workplace culture of fairness and trust.

Leadership trainings

To further nurture an employee’s career growth and development, employers must focus on equipping team leads with what it takes to become strong leaders. To support team leads’ development, leadership training should centre on the issues they encounter daily. Such topics may include:

Interview and great hiring decisions 

Team leaders should learn how to choose the best candidate for a job role based on their skills and experience. This can be done by using standardised interviewing techniques. When all candidates are interviewed in the same way, with questions set ahead of time, the process is less likely to be skewed by bias and prejudices. A standard interview procedure allows fair comparisons among candidates and increases the likelihood of selecting the one best qualified for the role. 

Feedback-sharing culture

Team leaders should also understand how to provide helpful feedback that is both constructive and objective. They should deliver feedback in an open environment in which employees feel comfortable giving and receiving honest opinions. This culture can help improve employee performance and further contribute to their career growth.

Development conversations

Team leads should have the ability to facilitate development conversations with employees. Development conversations should involve helping employees identify and leverage their own strengths and acquire new proficiencies that will help them further their careers. 

Resilience training

Resilience is the ability to meet challenges and difficulties with courage, determination, and a drive to keep going. Resilience training teaches leaders how to adapt to difficult situations, stay positive, and work through challenges. It also helps to become better problem-solvers and develop the skills needed to bounce back from failure.

Conflict management

Team leads also learn how to handle challenging situations through effective communication and mediation. Conflict management includes learning to identify and address conflicts in the workplace, manage difficult conversations, and practice active listening skills.

Lessons from the Adsquare HR Team

At Adsquare, we believe in growth and development. That’s why we provide our homegrown managers with the necessary tools to become qualified and caring leaders. Our goal is to make it easy for team leaders to handle people management issues well, even when it’s their first time.

We don’t just talk about career growth. We take actionable steps to make it happen for everyone on our team.

If you’re interested in a career at Adsquare, check out our vacancies here

Irene Adsquare Head of People

About Irene Bellodi

Irene is the Head of People at Adsquare. Originally from Italy, Irene has landed in Germany 8 years ago, first in quiet Bavaria and since 2022 in crazy Berlin.