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The benefits of in-person company retreat meetings

company offsite retreat meetings team building

3 reasons why you should go on a company retreat

5 September 2022, Monday | By: Christoph Herwig
3 min read
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christoph herwig adsquare

About Christoph Herwig

Christoph is VP Global Marketing at Adsquare and based in the Berlin HQ. Before leading the marketing activities, Chris was VP Data Partnerships and responsible for Adsquare's global data supply.

Let’s face it, the last two years have not been business as usual. We were unexpectedly thrown into a global pandemic and had to quickly adapt to learn how best to keep on doing business as usual, all while being consumed by health concerns for our loved ones and ourselves. New terms like social distancing became part of our daily vocabulary.

Amidst all that, we learnt new ways to connect and collaborate with our teammates and emerge stronger. Even though we implemented creative ideas to stay virtually connected during the pandemic, nothing compares to the joy of getting together with our coworkers in person for a company retreat. 

The 2022 annual offsite company summit held at Lisbon was Team Adsquare’s first in-person retreat after the pandemic. With a team of more than 100 professionals, working from ten cities across eight countries, it was a joy to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new teammates in person for the first time ever. 

Coming back from our memorable retreat, we now unanimously believe that every company should hold a corporate retreat of their own – one where they can build on their company culture while creating lasting professional and personal bonds. 

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should plan your very own corporate retreat with your team members: 

1. Get the team back together

After years of Zoom meets and remote work, it’s time for some good, old-fashioned in-person team bonding. The retreat helped us discover that our teammates are just as awesome in person as they’re in Zoom meets. We connected with each other through team-building activities, games, and conversations, helping us build more meaningful relationships, away from the day-to-day pressures of hectic deadlines and schedules. 

2. Slow down to come back faster and stronger

Research has proven time and again that humans, by nature, are social beings. After being stuck indoors for months (for some, it was years) due to the pandemic, a change of scenery was much-needed and appreciated to refresh our thoughts, energy and creativity. With our batteries fully charged, we cannot wait to get back to doing what we love with more zeal and laser-sharp focus.  

3. Refocus on the big picture

Corporate retreats are not just fun under the sun. It’s about getting work done in a fun, stress-free setting. Time together in a different setting helps you look at the big picture from a whole new angle. At Adsquare, we believe choosing what to execute matters as much as the execution. Retreats have been one of the best opportunities for us to reflect, brainstorm, and fix our strategies and goals for the following year. Just like a writer retreating to a cabin in the woods, your team comes together to make brilliant decisions about your direction as a company for the next month, six months, twelve months, and the long run. 

The group photo below shows Team Adsquare at the Quinta Do Sanguinhal winery, where we were given a guided tour of the viticulture. Here are a few fun activities of how we spent the days together. 

  • We did fun team activities to nurture bonding among our team members.  
  • We ate delicious food (and lots of it).  
  • We made sure to include time to focus on our physical and mental well-being.  
  • We learned interesting tidbits about our colleagues through interesting activities.  
  • We got to know our individual and team strengths and what each of us brings to the table.  

Most of all, we got to know each other better, which has helped us become stronger as a team. As Tom Laband, CEO and one of Adsquare’s Co-Founders, said in his opening speech: “A team that plays together does better work together.”

We cannot agree more. A corporate retreat also does wonders to your bottom line, as it increases employee productivity, morale and encouragement.  

We can proudly state that this four-day retreat has effectively brought us together, helped us brainstorm new ideas, and aligned our daily work to fit into the bigger picture. Keep an eye on this space because the Adsquare team is back in action, better and bigger than ever. 

Should you be interested in joining our team, check out the open vacancies here

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christoph herwig adsquare

About Christoph Herwig

Christoph is VP Global Marketing at Adsquare and based in the Berlin HQ. Before leading the marketing activities, Chris was VP Data Partnerships and responsible for Adsquare's global data supply.