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In-app Drive-to-Store campaign connecting people and places on the go.

3 min read
footfall traffic measurement real world store
Advertiser: Walmart
DSP:Google Campaign Manager

Walmart, a giant in the Retail industry with 3,047 stores in Mexico, wanted to push consumers to their POIs while on the go. For this reason, they engaged Waze, a well-known GPS navigation software app helping users to get instant traffic updates. With so many KPIs already available to measure campaign success – such as impressions – what makes footfall measurement more relevant as a measurement metric?


Walmarts objective was to measure how many users visited their POIs in a window of 7 days after having been impacted by an ad on the Waze app. The challenge for Walmart and their agency Mindshare was to find the right technology that could bridge the gap between the digital and physical world of their users. They needed to understand the effectiveness of their ad spend in terms of footfall, going beyond impressions and digital KPIs.


Thanks to Adsquare’s integration with Google Campaign Manager, Walmart was able to measure in real-time how many users impacted by an ad on the Waze app visited Walmart’s stores. When users were exposed to a Walmart’s ad on their personal devices and walked into a Walmart ‘s store, Adsquare was collecting granular location signals of each user with user’s consent and it was attributing these visits back to the campaign to realize the true impact of the ad. Measuring in real-time allowed Walmart to optimize the campaign while it was still running and to shift budgets towards the best performing ad set up.


The campaign resulted in 12 Million impressions but most importantly, Walmart registered 48,000 visits to their POIs during the campaign and a 17% increase in traffic in only one month compared to the previous year.

With the help of Adsquare’s footfall measurement solution we were able to attribute store visits to advertising exposure in real-time directly in Google Campaign Manager. By doing this, we were able to understand the effectiveness of the Walmart campaign and to optimize it for best results whilst it was still running.
Daniela Molina, Account Manager Waze

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