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Mobile-2-Store Campaign for Fast Food Consumers

3 min read
audience targeting location data
Advertiser: Subway

Today’s consumers are always-on. The smartphone is their first-screen and helps them in navigating through everyday life. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for brands, especially for those with local businesses. With over 500 restaurants, Subway is one of the top five fast food players in France, a very competitive market comprising numerous chains.


Subway’s goal for the campaign was to reach a precise target group at scale, engage with them, and finally drive foot traffic to their restaurants. An important feature of the campaign was to “hijack” consumers in the vicinity of competitor outlets to drive them into Subway stores. In addition to this, the company wanted to directly measure the effectiveness of the campaign via foot traffic attribution.


Mobile technology company S4M used mobile programmatic and data to reach consumers on the most personal device in their most receptive moment. The company developed an innovative full- screen interstitial including video ad and store locator. S4M used Adsquare’s Audience Management Platform to create the „Fast Food Consumers“ audience: People who have been at Subway or one of the competitor stores over the last 30 days. For this, Adsquare analyzed location data from over 8M mobile devices.


The results of S4M leveraging Adsquare data impressed MediaCom and its client Subway. With an outstanding video completion rate of 46% and a CTR rate of 4,26%, the company delivered the stunning number of 4.748.457 ad impressions (accredited by Media Rating Council).
To measure the campaign’s impact on foot traffic, Adsquare analyzed the real- world behavior of a control group and a campaign group around Subway’s and its competitors’ stores and found a whopping 46,72% increase in the visit rate to subway restaurants.

We were able to target the intended audiences in the most efficient, respectful and verifiable way and ultimately boost foot traffic at Subway restaurants.
Fatima Attou, Senior Marketing Manager, Subway

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