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Are you ready to take your advertising to the next level with Adsquare's range of data and advertising solutions? Learn more about the technology that powers Adsquare's solutions today.

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Our Tech

Our Tech

Understand the building blocks of success

In the digital era brand performance is built upon sophisticated and insightful campaigning. Our Technology Section lifts the lid and explains some of the hard working algorithms and API’s on which our award winning Solutions are built.
location targeting technology - prediction engine

Places of Interests (POI)

Hard edges, not generalised radiuses
Cities are constantly evolving. Streets change, shops move, new locations are constantly popping up. Staying on top of this rapidly changing environment requires that we work with the most accurate and most frequently updated places data in the market. Additionally, rather than just use a generalised radius from a specific POI, we instead provide the actual building footprint in the form of 2D polygons. This results in far more precise targeting, and results.

The Place Visit Algorithm

Accurate Footfall data through technology and data
data advertising solutions algorithm technology

To deliver accurate results within our Footfall Measurement and Audience Targeting solutions we need to filter a genuine ‘visit’ from a potential ‘visit’. The Place Visit Algorithm ensures visit data accuracy by combining individually weighted attributes into an overall Confidence Score.

Metrics include Dwell Time Information, distance to the POI, In-shape Probability and Number of Events per user. The weighting for each metric is derived from a model based on historical data and truth sets ensuring complete confidence in the reporting.

Geo-Behavioral Datasets

Movement data through the rear view mirror

In order to target users who have visited specific locations in the past we have created Place Visits, a geo-behavioral data-set built by overlaying SDK-derived, consented consumer movement data on top of Places of Interest.

The Adsquare user interface allows you to customise the catchment area, the day part and the look-back-time to ensure complete control over reach and quality of the audience set-up.

location targeting technology

Audience Scoring

A privacy-centric prediction engine for movement
In this new age of consumer privacy we have to find new ways to predict consumer movement that puts privacy needs first and foremost whilst still allowing advertisers to effectively reach audiences. We do this through a movement behaviour prediction engine. First we combine mobile audience data with SDK- derived background movement data. Then we connect the corresponding audience segments to country specific geometries and OOH locations. The result is ‘Audiences in Motion’ – an easy to understand index that scores each audience segment, for each unique location, for every hour of the day.

Pre-bid Enrichment

Enrich programmatic supply with spatial data in real-time

Adsquare has developed proprietary pre-bid API integrations into all relevant DSPs. This enables our system to enrich programmatic advertising traffic with rich spatial data in real-time. To ensure real-time programmatic delivery the API is always located on-site with the DSP which means that spatial data arrives within milliseconds.

The speed of performance means that the moment a DSP detects a user it can check with Adsquare whether the latitude/longitude of the device (or the digital OOH screen), is within a target catchment area. When there’s alignment, the programmatic buyer is invited to bid.

prebid enrichment for mobile location prediction engine

Lookalike Algorithm

Find more of your audience
technology geo location prediction audience targeting
Happy with your audience but just want more of them? Our proprietary Lookalike Algorithm creates a new, additional audience by finding people with matching similarities and characteristics. The Similarity Index controls exactly how close your lookalike audience is in relation to your original audience directly in our platform, and then activates the newly modeled segment in your DSP.

Tech in action

Discover how other brands have used Adsquare Tech to drive performance in The Lab – our dedicated resource to further knowledge and expertise in Location based marketing.

Our Technology and your brand

Want to know how our award-winning technology can be used to deliver results for your brand? Get in touch now for a bespoke consultation with a location data expert.

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