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Proximity Targeting Campaign backed by a Post-Campaign Measurement Report

3 min read
proximity targeting campaign
Advertiser: Ikea
The multinational ready-to-assemble furniture retailer IKEA mandated our partner Xasis to run a proximity targeting campaign in Italy and to measure the effectiveness of the campaign by analyzing the foot traffic to IKEA points of sale.


The objective of the client was to reach consumers within a catchment area of 1-3km around IKEA retail stores, in order to increase footfall to the stores and – in consequence – increase sales.


We activated our proximity targeting with different radius settings, depending on the creative and geographic area. Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement solution came into play as well in order to analyze the effectiveness of the proximity targeting campaign.


The set up helped to conquer the competition and pull consumers from competitive brands that were in the area. The overall performance was good in terms of classic online KPIs such as CTR but, more importantly, in terms of store visits with an average uplift of 100%.

Through our always-on proximity targeting we are helping IKEA to have a constant growth in store-visits. The Adsquare footfall analysis shows a consistent difference between exposed user group and test audience. With added audience insights, the reports provide valuable insights for our agency and we help our client in future decision making.
Simone Avanzini, Data & Audience Manager Xaxis

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