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Shifting lifestyle habits with programmatic DOOH

5 min read
Advertiser: Canyon Bicycles
DSP:Sage + Archer
Vertical:Manufacturing & Retail - Bicycles

World-leading bike manufacturer Canyon Bicycles wanted to increase awareness within their target audience of cyclists and potential cyclists in Hamburg, Germany, to create a shift in their commute routine. Reaching commuters to offer an alternative to their current mode of transport was an essential part of the strategy.


Digital agency DEPT and Canyon Bicycles needed to find an effective methodology to reach the right audience at the right moment in the physical world, and maximise their advertising spend.


By activating Adsquare geo-located audience data directly on the Sage + Archer platform, DEPT was able to automatically reach the most relevant audiences at any point in time, in a privacy-compliant manner.

Adsquare geo-located audience data allows advertisers to understand what parts of cities are more visited when and by whom, and enables them to run targeted ads in real time with high precision. Geo-located audience segments are obtained by firstly combining mobile audience data with SDK- derived background movement data. Then, audience segments are connected to country-specific geometries and OOH locations. The result is an easy-to-understand index that scores each audience segment, for each unique location, for every hour of the day. This panel-based method offers all the advantages of digital personalization and at the same time meets the highest requirements of data protection. 

Thanks to Adsquare´s technology, DEPT could programmatically activate the most relevant screens based on the highest audience reach at specific times of the day, respectively morning and afternoon rush hours, and make the most of their advertising budget.


Leveraging Adsquare data and its integration with Sage + Archer gave Canyon Bicycles the ability to maximise their ad spend and DOOH impact amongst their target audience. Finally, the advertiser effortlessly achieved its objective of pushing commuters to adopt cycling habits as a new way of mobility within the city. 

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