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Supersized DOOH for McDonald’s

3 min read
Adsquare Madrid Office Location
Advertiser: McDonald's
DSP:The Trade Desk
Vertical: QSR

McDonald’s is the first QSR company in Spain to have launched a fully programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign, using Adsquare ́s data-driven marketing solutions to generate traffic to their McAuto points of sale.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, consumer trends in the QSR industry have transformed, resulting in increasing in-store food pick-ups and deliveries. To respond to these new needs and make ad campaigns more relevant to their consumers, McDonald’s needed to find an effective technology to reach their customers and generate traffic to McAuto ́s POIs. OOH poster locations see very different audiences passing by each day. In fact, audiences can change by the hour and identifying the right audience at the right time to effectively place ads, remains a challenge.


First, the corresponding Media Partner’s OOH inventory list was uploaded to Adsquare’s OOH planning and activation dashboard. Second, OMD selected the desired audience by browsing through Adsquare’s data offering available in the Adsquare platform. By combining audience segments and movement data, Adsquare ́s technology automatically calculates index values for each DOOH screen and ranks the inventory according to relevance. The index calculation is based on the ratio between all users seen in proximity of the DOOH screens and the client’s desired audience and recalculated for every hour of a week. Finally, Adsquare has built a new custom spatial dataset comprising those screens frequented by the desired audience and activated it as part of its Proximity Targeting for a real-time programmatic DOOH campaign via its pre-bid integration with The Trade Desk.


Through Adsquare ́s intelligence, OMD and McDonald ́s were able to optimize their ad spend by automatically targeting only those screens that were frequented by relevant audiences. Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement tracked 6.312 incremental visits attributable to the campaign, which corresponds to a visitation uplift of astonishing 75%.

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