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An Introduction to Footfall Measurement by Adsquare

17 March 2021, Wednesday | By: Giulia Grazzini
15 min read
intro to footfall measurement
guilia grazzini

About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

We asked Chris, VP Marketing at Adsquare, some key questions on Footfall Measurement, also known as Offline or Store Visit Attribution. Check out his answers in the video or read the interview below. We also invite you to download our Whitepaper on Footfall Measurement.

What exactly is Footfall Measurement?
Footfall Measurement refers to the measurement of the number of people who have visited specific locations such as shops, car dealerships or restaurants.

What services does Adsquare offer in this context?
Adsquare offers a Footfall Measurement solution that allows advertisers to measure and optimise the offline impact of their advertising campaigns. The results can be made available in real time across all media and channels – so mobile, desktop or OOH.

What data is used for Footfall Measurement?
The data used is anonymous mobile location data from end users who have given their consent in advance for this data to be shared. Adsquare obtains location data from a variety of mobile apps, including utility apps, transportation apps, weather or dating apps. This guarantees that our mobile location panel consists of a representative cross-section of the smartphone population both in terms of geographical distribution but also in terms of demographic characteristics.

Which campaigns have worked with your measurement solution?
Last year, at Adsquare we saw over 200 clients who set up more than 16,000 measurement configurations in 25 markets. The largest share to date has come from clients in the automotive, retail and hospitality sectors.

Can you prove that your product is successful?
One campaign that is still top of mind and I really enjoy referring to is one that we did for Marriott International and Publicis Media. Adsquare was tasked to measure store visits into Marriott´s Food and Beverage locations in 7 countries in the APAC region and the overall campaign led to a cost per visit saving of 63%. The campaign won the MMA Smarties Award in December 2020.

How much effort is required to carry out a measurement campaign?
The implementation is very straight forward. Adsquare has direct integrations with all relevant Demand Side Platforms, in whose user interfaces the visitor KPIs are also displayed after campaign activation. Advertisers only need to define the desired locations whose customer frequency is to be measured. Places data or Points of Interests (POIs) can either be uploaded to Adsquare in ‘self-service’ or chosen from the Adsquare data pool.

How will the market develop?
With the ability to measure customer visits in real time, businesses can identify potential for optimisation and subsequently adjust, for example, channels, creatives and budgets immediately while the campaigns are still running.
The demand for Footfall Measurement is already high and it will continue to grow, especially in these challenging times for offline retailers.

What goals has Adsquare set itself for the current year?
We will respond to the increasing demand for our data products Footfall Measurement, OOH Planning and DOOH Activation. Footfall Measurement is being rolled out further internationally and for the OOH industry we are launching a revamped platform with new features. The advantage of these products is that they are panel-based, aggregated and anonymised, making them independent of regulatory changes or changes by Apple and Google.

Click here to download our Footfall Measurement whitepaper.

guilia grazzini

About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.