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Our proximity targeting tool can help you take proximity marketing to the next level. Reach your audience based on their current geographical context meaning you can deliver more relevant campaigns.

location-based services

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Proximity Targeting

Proximity Targeting

It's not where you're from, it's where you're at

Advanced spatial data lets you deliver more relevant campaigns.

Wherever your audience is, our data will help you find them and create better campaigns for them. Whether you’re a retailer looking to drive footfall, or a brand looking to target fans around a stadium, context is critical.

proximity audience targeting - location based services

Discover the power of context

Location context is the most powerful indicator of our overall ‘context’. It allows you to target audiences with offers for stores that they happen to be close to.

And it goes beyond just location context. The ‘context’ of a hot day makes an ice cream message very timely. Whereas the ‘context’ of a high pollen count might make a hayfever remedy highly relevant.

Places data and weather based data are complemented with census and purchase data so that you can use Geo-Contextual Targeting to its full potential.

proximity targeting geo-behaviour
Read more about the technologies that we use for Proximity Targeting in our dedicated Technology section.

Proximity Targeting in action

From flat packed to packed floors

Ikea Italy used Proximity Targeting to reach active homewear shoppers who were close to both their own and competitor stores. This tightly targeted, always on campaign ensured a constant mobile presence and delivered an average uplift in store visits of 100% vs a control group.

Read the full case study and more in The Lab.
proximity targeting campaign

Proximity Targeting for your brand

Want to know how Proximity Targeting can drive performance for your brand? Get in touch now for a bespoke consultation with a Location Marketing Expert.